What Water Does When it Sits at the Base of Your Foudation

Posted by Derek Perzylo on November 4, 2019

What Water Does When it Sits at the Base of Your Foundation (& How Your Eavestrough Can Help)

Water is essential for life on our planet, but it can also be pretty destructive — just think about floods, hurricanes, and tidal waves. However, water doesn’t even need to take such dramatic forms for it to cause damage. In fact, one of the most subtle ways that water can exercise its considerable destructive power is by collecting around the…

Winter Home Maintenance Checklist

Posted by Derek Perzylo on November 2, 2018

Seasonal Guide: Winter Home Maintenance Checklist

Winters in Alberta are tough, especially on your home. In order to keep your home snug, warm and dry here is a seasonal guide to home maintenance. With this simple checklist, you can make sure your house stays in good shape for years to come. Missing or damaged shingles can allow moisture to get into your roof, causing many different…

Posted by Derek Perzylo on December 19, 2016

Why Hiring Roofers is Better Than DIY

If you’re handy, the thought that you could save a bunch of money by doing your own roof yourself has probably crossed your mind. Don’t let us discourage you, either. If you’ve got the chops needed to complete the project, do it! There’s nothing better than the feeling of a job well done, and saving some cash in the process…

Posted by Derek Perzylo on July 13, 2016

Assessing Your Home for Damage After a Hail Storm

It’s that time of year again. If you’ve lived in Calgary for a year or more, you’re probably well aware of what’s coming: thunderstorms and hail. One creates an incredible visual spectacle, and the other creates the same (but for different reasons). Whenever we get nailed with a bunch of hail, we start receiving calls from homeowners shortly thereafter. It…

Posted by Derek Perzylo on June 17, 2015