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When it Comes to Fascia & Soffit, Details Matter

These “small” parts of your exterior can make a big impact if they aren’t done correctly. From aesthetics to ventilation, proper fascia and soffit installation is a big deal!

New fascia/soffit are commonly included as part of new eavestrough, Hardie board, and siding installations.

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Questions Customers Ask Us About Our Fascia & Soffit

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With all the crazy weather in Calgary, it’s even more important to have fascia and soffit installed to keep a healthy roof. These FAQ’s might help you feel confident about your investment on protecting your house.

What is the Difference Between Fascia & Soffit?

Fascia are level horizontal panels that run along the edges of your rooftop. They provide a place to which your home’s eavestroughs can be anchored. Fascia also help protect the rafters in your home, and support the shingles on your roof.

Soffit are horizontal slats positioned directly underneath the fascia. They protect the rafters in your home from the elements, and create a way for air to circulate within your attic.

Does Fascia Go On Before Soffit?

In most cases, soffit panels should be put in place before fascia are installed. However, not all properties require soffit. We will let you know what you need after we have a chance to assess your property.

Does Every Home Need Soffit & Fascia?

Most homes in the Calgary area have small overhangs that require soffit and fascia, though some architectural styles may limit or have no overhang at all.

What Materials Are Fascia & Soffit Made From?

Fascia and soffit can be made from numerous materials, including:

  • Aluminium
  • Vinyl
  • Painted wood

However, vinyl and wood are poor choices for soffit and fascia in Alberta. Wood is much too prone to water damage from melting snow and rain, and vinyl shrinks too much in the cold. At Big 5, we only install fascia and soffit made from aluminium, which is the best material to use in Alberta’s climate.

How Do You Maintain Your Home’s Fascia & Soffit?

When made from high-quality materials and properly installed, soffit and fascia typically require little maintenance. As long as you keep moisture and debris from building up in your eavestroughs, your soffit and fascia will be virtually maintenance-free.

For best results, clean your eavestroughs and surrounding areas twice a year—once in the fall and once in the spring.

What Problems Do Fascia & Soffit Experience?

The biggest dangers come from letting dirt, debris, and moisture collect in your eavestroughs, since these can lead to water leaks that damage your soffit and fascia. Debris left in the eavestroughs can also attract pests, who may cause further damage to these areas and take up residence in your rafters.

Damaged soffit with large holes can also provide an entry point for animals and pests, which can be a larger complication if left unchecked.

How Often Should You Replace Your Fascia & Soffit?

Soffit and fascia should be replaced each time you have your roof replaced. However, soffit and fascia may need to be replaced sooner if you notice any of the following signs:

  • Cracking
  • Water damage
  • Large amounts of peeling paint
  • Poor ventilation in your roof
  • Signs of pests and vermin

We commonly install aluminium soffit/fascia, which has a lifespan of around 25-years.

Can You Replace Fascia & Soffit Yourself?

Replacing soffit and fascia is something you can do on your own—but really, it should only be undertaken by an experienced roofing contractor, since the process can be complex, time-consuming, and also dangerous for people who are not used to working at heights for long periods of time or using power tools.

Improperly installed fascia may complicate your eavestrough installation and its effectiveness, and improperly installed soffit may degrade your attic’s ventilation.

5 Reasons to Hire Big 5 for Your Fascia or Soffit Installation

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We aim to be the best value in the market. We may not be the cheapest, but we offer the best bang for your buck.

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Our Big 5-Year Warranty

We’ve survived and thrived through every boom (and bust). You can count on us being there when you need us.

Real Customer Reviews

Big 5 just finished replacing all my homes gutters. They did an amazing job! The crew was efficient and professional and the work was top notch!

Gio Loria

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Safe , professional, site was always clean. No chatting, no music, just 2 quality tradesmen getting the project done. They noticed a couple spots on second story where the caulk was letting go...they noticed and they fixed...i wouldn't have known if I didn't see them. Site was cleaned up like nothing happened.

Stephen Dobie

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I needed new gutters for a rental property, and they were professional and very efficient. They even nipped a possible leak problem in the bud for us! I would recommend them to anyone!

Kay Fernweh

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