Alu-rex gutter guard keeping eavestroughs on home clean

Why the Alu-Rex Gutter Guard Is the Best Way to Keep your Eavestroughs Clean

Derek Perzylo

February 14, 2024


  • Eavestroughs need to be kept clear of leaves and other debris to prevent them from clogging—which can cause water to flow down the sides of your home and eventually cause the eavestroughs to detach from the home over time due to the extra weight.
  • Instead of cleaning your eavestroughs on a regular basis (which can be time-consuming and dangerous), high-quality gutter guards offer a low-to-no-maintenance solution by preventing debris from entering the eavestrough so the wind can blow it away later.
  • Alu-Rex gutter guards offer some of the best strength and durability in the industry, and are also designed to prevent ice dams from forming. This is especially important in Calgary, as cold weather and frequent freeze/thaw cycles are two of the most common causes of eavestrough issues.
  • Big 5 installs two kinds of Alu-Rex gutter guards—the Double-Pro and the T-Rex. Contact us for a free quote from an experienced member of our team.

Eavestroughs are the heart of your roof’s drainage system. They carry runoff to your downspout so that it can flow away from your home’s foundation instead of pooling near the walls and causing damage over time. But clogged eavestroughs can’t work properly, and keeping debris out of them can be a big job—unless you’re giving them the right protection.

Alu-Rex continuous hangers offer a set-and-forget protective solution for eavestroughing. Below, we explain how these systems work and what makes them the best option for safeguarding the drainage system for your roof.

Labeled photo of Alu-Rex T-Rex gutter guard system for eavestrough protection


How Alu-Rex Gutter Guards Work

Alu-Rex leafguards employ a unique continuous hangar-and-protector design that keeps debris out of your eavestroughs while also significantly increasing the strength of your eaves.

Here’s a video outlining how these products differ from conventional gutter guards:


  • Uses self-sealing screws to evenly secure the entire length of your eavestroughing.
  • Patented Alu-Perf and Winter Shield technology create a barrier that prevents snow, ice, leaves, needles, and other debris out of the eavestrough.
  • Functions as a UV shade that protects the sealant inside your eavestroughs and prevents corner leaks.
  • Made from heavy aluminum.
  • 40-year clog-free warranty and a lifetime warranty on materials and strength.

Comparison Chart: Alu-Rex vs. Other Gutter Guards

There are other gutter guards you can put on your eavestroughs, but at Big 5 we use Alu-Rex products because we’re convinced they offer the best value for Calgary homeowners. Here’s a chart showing the key differences between our gutter guards and some others you might find on the market:

Alu-Rex Leafguard (Big 5 Exteriors)LeafFilter Gutter ProtectionGutter Armour Canada
Material QualityIndustrial-grade aluminumStainless Steel MicromeshAnodized Heavy Duty Aluminum Frame
Strength & Weight Capacity250lb per linear foot capacityUnspecifiedUnspecified
Winter SuitabilityIdeal for Alberta wintersGenerally suitable for all seasonsHeated gutter guards mean ice-free gutters and downspouts, but increase household energy use
InstallationCustom-fitted on-siteInstalls on existing guttersInstalls on existing gutters
VisibilitySeamless integrationLow visibilityNoticeable design
MaintenanceLow maintenance, self-cleaningLow maintenanceLow maintenance
WarrantyLifetime material and clog-free guarantees, 5-year workmanship warranty when installed by Big 5Lifetime warranty for equipment failure, 1-year workmanship warranty40-year transferable warranty
3D rendering of Alu-Rex gutter guard keeping leaves and pine needles out of eavestrough with perforated metal design


Customer Reviews & Testimonials for Alu-Rex Gutter Guards

“The best products on the market. Durable, well-designed and very easy to install.”

  • LOUIS ROY, Lévis, Québec

“Best product on the market. Thanks Alu-Rex!”

  • MART4183, Québec, Québec

“Very satisfied!!!”

  • JACK, Montreal, QC

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Protecting Your Eavestroughs Protects Your Whole Home

Clogged eavestroughing leads to water and structural damage, so keeping your gutters clean is essential for homeowners. Alu-Rex products offer the most comprehensive and cost-effective way to keep leaves and other debris from clogging your roof’s drainage system, while preventing ice dams and warping or cracking during Calgary’s long cold stretches.

Learn more about using Alu-Rex products to protect your home when you contact our team for a  free quote, or read the FAQ below. And remember, we back our eavestroughing services with our Big 5-Year Warranty, plus the balance of the manufacturer’s warranty—so you can always have confidence in the integrity of your new roofing products and the work we perform.

Frequently Asked Questions about Keeping Eavestroughs Clean with Alu-Rex Gutter Guards

What kind of Alu-Rex products does Big 5 install?

We offer two types of Alu-Rex gutter guards for Calgary homes:

  • Double-Pro:
    • Uses two perforated aluminum layers with offset holes for maximum filtration.
    • Eclipse technology keeps larger particles out of the eavestroughs.
    • Smaller particles pass through the smart filter and are washed away in rainwater.
    • Roll-back rim design sends high-volume water back into the gutter so it can’t spill over the sides.
  • T-Rex:
    • Patented Alu-Perf and Winter-Shield technologies keep out snow, ice, leaves, needles, and other debris with a perforated layer of aluminum.
    • This membrane also functions as a UV shield that prevents the sealant in the corners of your eavestroughs from deteriorating over time due to sun exposure and helps prevent corner leaks.

Why are Alu-Rex gutter guards stronger than other varieties?

Most gutter guards are installed with nails spaced 18 inches apart. This creates vulnerable points during Calgary’s freeze/thaw cycles, which can weaken the structure of your eavestroughs over time and eventually cause them to detach from your home. The self-sealing screws on Alu-Rex gutter guards secure eavestroughs evenly along their entire length, which prevents this problem.

What Calgary weather conditions affect eavestroughs?

Calgary has a unique climate that can wreak havoc on low-quality eavestroughing, so investing in the right system to protect yours is a must. Here’s what the right gutter guard system can save your roof from:

  • Heavy Snowfall and Ice: Calgary experiences significant snowfall and ice during winter. This can lead to ice damming in gutters, where melting snow refreezes, blocking the flow of water. Ice dams cause damage due to their weight and their potential to create water leaks in homes. Alu-Rex gutter guards effectively prevent ice dams from forming.
  • Sudden Temperature Changes: Southern Alberta’s sudden temperature changes cause rapid thawing and refreezing, which makes poor-quality eavestrough materials expand and contract, potentially causing cracks or breakages.
  • Chinook Winds: These warm winds can cause rapid melting of snow and ice, which can cause gutters to overflow. The roll-back rims on Alu-Rex Double-Pro guards are specifically designed to prevent overflows.

Can’t I just clean my eavestroughs?

Yes—if you have the time, tools, and confidence to climb up onto your roof every few weeks and remove debris by hand. But cleaning gutters is a dirty, time-consuming job—and it can be dangerous as well.

Adding a leaf-free gutter system like either of the Alu-Rex products we install at Big 5 saves you a huge amount of time in the long run and eliminates the risk of falling off your roof while performing an unnecessary chore—that’s what we call return on investment!

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