Cleaning Your Eavestrough Safely

Posted by Derek Perzylo on August 31, 2017

Cleaning Your Eavestrough: How to Do it Safely

The purpose of your eavestrough is to drain water from the roof, directing it away from your home to prevent any water-based damage. While most homeowners are well-versed in clearing blockages and removing foliage, far fewer perform the job with much consideration for their own health – let’s look at how to clean your eavestrough safely and effectively, the best …

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Roofing Contractor Making Repairs

Posted by Derek Perzylo on August 1, 2017

Three Common Roof Repairs Your Home Will Eventually Need

Unlike fine wines, which mature and develop character over time, the best and strongest years for your roof are the earliest ones. Given enough time – two decades or so will usually do the trick – you’ll experience the inevitable leaks, breaks, cracks and standing water pools which plague longstanding roofs. Even if the initial workmanship is done completely to …

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Roof Damage From Wind & Hail

Posted by Derek Perzylo on June 24, 2017

Preparing Your Home for Hail: Five Ways to Reduce Hail Damage

Summer weather can really do a number on your home. Stormy summer weather in Calgary can almost knock your house down- especially when the currents hit us hard as they steamroll over the rocky mountains. By the time summer rolls around, Calgarians are ready to spend time on the patio enjoying the rays. However, as you know, Calgary’s summers are …

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Posted by Derek Perzylo on January 21, 2017

The Three Most Likely Reason Your Roof Leaks

Your home is probably your most important investment.  Roof leaks can cause significant damage to your home if not repaired immediately. The source of a roof leak can often be difficult to locate as water can travel away from where the leak is located.  Whether your roof is brand new or 10 years old, having this information in mind could be …

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Posted by Derek Perzylo on December 19, 2016

Why Hiring Roofers is Better Than DIY

If you’re handy, the thought that you could save a bunch of money by doing your own roof yourself has probably crossed your mind. Don’t let us discourage you, either. If you’ve got the chops needed to complete the project, do it! There’s nothing better than the feeling of a job well done, and saving some cash in the process …

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Posted by Derek Perzylo on November 14, 2016

How Much Snow Can a Roof Hold?

When I was young I used to sneak out my bedroom window and sit on my roof. My Dad (Al Perzylo, original founder of Big 5) would have been mortified if he knew, but it’s probably part of the reason I wound up getting into the family business. While on the roof I used to contemplate things like “I wonder …

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Posted by Derek Perzylo on October 11, 2016

Your Home’s Soffit: What It Is & Why It Matters

Soffit plays an important role in how your home’s exterior envelope protects the attic and structure from moisture, debris, and pests. It is relatively “hidden”, residing under the roof overhang. Most of the time you have no reason to think about your home’s soffit- it just does its job. In this post I thought I’d go over a bit about …

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Posted by Derek Perzylo on August 11, 2016

If You Have Damaged Downspouts, Fix Them Before Winter

We know it’s cliche coming from an eavestroughing company, but take good care of your eaves and downspouts. They perform an important job and generally require very little care. Here are a few things about your downspouts you should know: Dented & Damaged Downspouts Can Cause Problems When They Back Up With the crazy thunderstorms that Calgary’s been getting hit …

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Posted by Derek Perzylo on July 13, 2016

Assessing Your Home for Damage After a Hail Storm

It’s that time of year again. If you’ve lived in Calgary for a year or more, you’re probably well aware of what’s coming: thunderstorms and hail. One creates an incredible visual spectacle, and the other creates the same (but for different reasons). Whenever we get nailed with a bunch of hail, we start receiving calls from homeowners shortly thereafter. It …

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